Is Your 401k Ready The Platinum 401K401k Information

Being an employer or advisor who currently sponsors existing retirement plans, you become faced with multiple challenges. Aside from the IRS and U.S Department of Labor, complexities arise from operating a 401k Retirement plan for your employees. Many employers lack the right knowledge when it comes to being able to properly manage plans while also properly maintaining operational costs in line. Let The Platinum 401k take care of all the 401k Information for you, so you can focus solely on your business.


The Platinum 401kTM enables you to hand off many of the duties to a team of 401k Retirement Plan professionals. This lets you focus on what you do best – your business, and not dealing with all the 401k information. Some of the 401k Retirement Plan issues that The Platinum 401kTM program can eliminate for employers include:

  • Costly annual plan audit bills
  • Employer annual Form 5500 submissions (we do these for the employer)
  • Fiduciary Investment Selection and Monitoring issues
  • Incomprehensible fee structures
  • 408(b)(2) fee disclosure workload
  • Plan Document restatement fees
  • ….and much more!

The Platinum 401kTM program is designed to let you offload most of your 401k Retirement Plan Trustee workload and liability to independent specialists. The Platinum 401kTM uses diverse platforms that are carefully monitored. Any plan fees are fully transparent for the protection and security of both the employers and the participants.



The Platinum 401kTM was created for Financial Advisers and RIA’s:

That only use the best practices for their clients and who want to outsource a significant amount of fiduciary workload and liability to independent specialists. The Platinum 401kTM uses an open architecture 401k Money Logo The Platinum 401Kmutual fund platform that is carefully monitored, registered, and uses cost-efficient funds. Any and all plan fees are fully transparent for the protection of the advisor and the plan participants. The program is monitored and benchmarked by a CEFEX certified independent fiduciary that assumes ERISA 3(38) (Investment Manager) and 3(21) responsibility and who issues regular reports on funds, fees and fiduciary due diligence to you and adopting employers. A wall of separation has been put in place between the independent fiduciary, plan sponsor and administrator to preclude conflicts of interest or potential competition with you, our adviser partners.

Does this program conflict with the role of the local adviser?

No! You remain the Registered Investment Adviser or 401k Investment Manager for your 401k Retirement plan client. You continue to manage the relationship and all ancillary business, and are compensated through your preference of fees or commission. You are simply outsourcing many of the traditional fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities to specialized 401k Investment Managers.