Changing How America Plans For Retirement

Let us introduce you to the next generation in retirement plan services….

As an employer who currently sponsors an existing retirement plan, you are faced with many challenges. Apart from the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulatory complexities associated with operating a retirement plan program for your employees, many employers simply lack the knowledge of being able to properly oversee their program and keep operational costs under control.

The Platinum 401k
TM provides you with a program to allow you to hand off many of these duties to a team of retirement plan professionals and lets you to concentrate on doing what you do best - run your business!

Some of the retirement plan issues that The Platinum 401k program can eliminate for employers include:
  • Costly annual plan audit bills
  • Employer annual Form 5500 submissions (we do these for the employer)
  • Fiduciary Investment Selection and Monitoring issues
  • Incomprehensible fee structures
  • 408(b)(2) fee disclosure workload
  • Plan Document restatement fees
  • ....and much more!  
The Platinum 401kTM program is structured to offload much of the retirement plan trustee workload and liability to independent specialists. The Platinum 401(k)TM is built on a registered, open architecture mutual fund platform of carefully monitored, cost-efficient funds selected from thousands of available options.

Plan fees are fully transparent for the protection of both employers and plan participants.

The program is monitored and benchmarked by a CEFEX certified independent fiduciary that assumes ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager and 3(21) Named Fiduciary responsibility and who issues regular reports on funds, fees and fiduciary due diligence to you and adopting employers.  

Employers interested in more information about this exciting program should contact their investment advisor for complete details!