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As an employer who currently sponsors an existing retirement plan, you are faced with many challenges. Apart from the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Labor regulatory complexities associated with operating a 401k retirement plan for your employees, many employers simply lack the knowledge of being able to properly monitor their plans while also keeping their operational and internal costs under control and properly benchmarked.

The Platinum 401k, one of the retirement plan industry’s most experienced 401k outsourcing teams, provides you with a solution that allows you to hand off many of these duties to a team of 401k Retirement plan consultants and lets you concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business!

Some of the retirement plan issues that The Platinum 401k program can eliminate for employers include:

…..and much more!

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The Platinum 401k program is structured to offload most of your 401k retirement plan trustee workload and liability to independent fiduciaries. The Platinum 401k is built on diversified 401k investment platforms of carefully monitored, cost-efficient funds selected from thousands of available options. Plan fees are fully transparent for the protection of both employers and plan participants.

Multiple Employer Retirement Plans

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